Make and Break Club

Keep an old tradition afloat


To create a space where like-minded individuals with passion and knowledge of Make and Break engines come together to share their stories, to educate and identify resources in a heritage based niche community.


To establish a working group within our community and beyond. Involvement can be at varied levels including full membership.

Objectives include:

  • sharing of historical information
  • educate/assist members
  • create a database of information relating to existing Make and Break engines and parts with special focus on current functioning vessels
  • documenting preventative maintenance and safe operation of these engines
  • identifying methods of interpreting such information to the general public
  • engage in activities to support the preservation of Make and Break engines



Initiative, support and administration comes from within the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. This does not restrict non-Museum employees in lead roles.

Membership based

  • Members must be sixteen years of age and older.
  • Ownership of Make and Break engines or parts is not necessary to join the club.
  • Annual Membership Fee of $20.00 to participate.
  • Current membership benefits include promotional t-shirt and basic information package.
  • Members can obtain 10% Discount on Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic Seasonal Passes.
  • Can attend regular scheduled meetings.
  • Members will be the recipient of information on ongoing basis.
  • Members can have input and involvement on special projects.

Keep In Touch

The Club will communicate activities and information through the various methods:

  • Regular Meetings
  • Facebook
  • Special Events
  • Museum Interpretive Information
  • Currently Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic website
  • Museum networks
  • Partnerships & Links
  • Salt Store Gift Shop