Bell of Cape Norman

The bell from Cape Norman was lost while fishing on George's Bank in 1965. Captain Matthew Mitchell, shore captain of the Fisheries Museum vessels, was master of Cape Norman at that time. In early 1992, the bell was found by Captain Mitchell's son David, while fishing aboard Freedom 99.

The bell had been lost when crew members of Cape Norman were busy pounding ice from the vessel, while on George's Bank. It was lost in approximately 45 fathoms (270 feet) of water.

Freedom 99 was fishing in approximately the same location early this year. David Mitchell described the discovery: "The crew was digging through the rocks, picking out the scallops, when I saw a lump that was hollow in the middle and partly filled with sand. When I brushed off the sand, I saw the name Cape Norman and I knew my father had been skipper of the vessel years ago."

The bell of Cape Norman is on loan to the Fisheries Museum from David and Cindy Mitchell, Lunenburg.