Grade 6 - Bluenose II: Pride of Nova Scotia

Program Highlights

This program is truly a memory-making event for our youth. It offers an unforgettable experience that will surely bolster a sense of pride in our heritage. It aligns with grade six science and social studies curriculum outcomes through a variety of multi-sensory hands-on engaging activities, which will foster an understanding of our cultural fabric.


Curriculum Outcomes

The foundation of this program is student-centered learning with object-based activities, which align with school curriculum outcomes.

This collaborative school program between the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and Bluenose II provides students the opportunity to explore how weather affects everyday life at sea, investigate how forces of motion and simple machines correlate, and discover how our resources impact our traditions. 



This collaborative program hosted by the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and Bluenose II has been created specifically for Grade Six students.



In 2018, there are only 3 dates that the program is offered: June 4, 5, & 6


Program Length

5 hours



67 - this include students, teachers, and chaperones



$20 per student



15 minutes: Introduction

This is unbelievable day of fun. The students will gather on the wharf and get the ground rules and layout of the day. The students will be divided into two groups. Group 1 will do 1 hour of activities with the Bluenose II crew. Group 2 will do one hour of activities at the museum. Then the groups will switch. Then it is time for lunch before stepping aboard Bluenose II for an afternoon sail.

Note: there is a contingency plan in the event of foul weather that would cancel the public sail, the sail cannot be re-scheduled.


15 minutes: Dory Fishing

The purpose of this activity is to show the students a dory and to explain how it was the “little work horse of the sea”. The goal is to have the student think about how things have changed: fiberglass hulls, radar, sonar, gps, engines, etc.….


15 minutes: Heaving Line Activity

The purpose of this activity is to have the students participate in a hands-on activity of throwing the heaving line. The goal is to have the students to be able to predict from their observations why there is a weight on the end of the line and to discover the importance of the Monkey’s Fist.


15 minutes: Take the Helm

 The purpose of this activity is to have the student consider the role and responsibility of taking the helm. To feel the connection between the wheel and the rudder while taking in the size of the vessel. To develop an understanding of navigation and communication at sea.


15 minutes: Hoist the Line

The purpose of this activity is to provide a first-hand opportunity to feel the amount of energy required to hoist a sail. To experience firsthand how critical team work is aboard a tall ship.


10 minutes: Canadian Coin Activity

The purpose of this activity is for the students to acknowledge the significance and uniqueness of Bluenose being depicted on the back of the dime.


20 minutes: 5 W’s of Bluenose & Bluenose II

The purpose of this fast-paced challenge activity is for the students to learn the 5W’s: who, what, where, when, and why.


20 minutes: Pride of Place

The purpose of this activity is for the students to develop a sense of pride of their heritage and connection to the Canadian icon. This activity will have the students explore reason why Bluenose branding exist.


10 minutes: Model Bluenose Launch

The purpose of this activity is to the students learn about the birth of this Canadian icon. This is a demonstration that get the entire class involved – loud cheering is a MUST!


2 hours: Bluenose II Public Sail

The purpose of this activity is to experience the magic of the legend.


Information and Reservations

In the off-season, we recommend calling to confirm availabilities of school programming. In addition, we can explore developing a customized product upon request.

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