Lunenburg Marine Museum Society

The Lunenburg Marine Museum Society, through the Board of Directors, is a volunteer group that operates the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and the schooner Bluenose II for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Established in 1972, members of this locally-based, non-profit society represent a wide range of marine and business experience. Their dedicated service to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and Bluenose II is well matched with their knowledge of vessel maintenance, engineering, fabrication, retail and accounting. Many members have long-standing family roots in aspects of our maritime heritage.

LMMS Board of Directors for 2023


John Meisner, President

Josh Healey, Vice President

Mary Meisner, Secretary

Lola Greek, Treasurer


David Corkum

Graham Gerhardt

Tony Sampson

Tom Ritcey

Andrew Himmelman

John Kinley

Patti Robertson

Jennifer Josenhans



The mandate of the Lunenburg Museum Society is: 

  • to operate the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and the Bluenose II on behalf of the province of Nova Scotia; 

  • to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and facilitate discussion about the history and issues related to traditional and modern Atlantic fisheries; 

  • to use a variety of engaging educational programs, experiences, activities, research, publications, and media to promote knowledge and understanding of the Atlantic fishery, and its impact; 

  • to collaborate with other museums, institutions and individuals whose aims support the mission and vision of the Society; 

  • to engage in enterprises that relate to and support the aims and interests of the Society; 

  • to collaborate with and serve the community of Lunenburg in the furtherance of its social and economic development. 


The mission of the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society is to promote awareness and understanding of the Atlantic Fishery and its broad cultural, social and economic impact. 


Current and future generations will appreciate and respect the impact, innovation, ingenuity, and endurance of the Atlantic fishery. 


The Lunenburg Marine Museum Society values: 

  • Stewardship – by preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and the assets in our care, with professional integrity 

  • Education - by sparking curiosity, discovery and increased knowledge 

  • Authenticity – as expressed through contextual and factual interpretation 

  • Innovation - by being forward-looking and creating opportunities for new ideas and knowledge exchange 

  • Community Engagement - by forming lasting, responsive and diverse relationships with our community 

  • Fun - by emphasizing a customer-focused, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere 

  • Access – by making our facilities and activities broadly accessible: physically, intellectually and financially. 

The above will be provided in a respectful environment promoting safety, teamwork and self-improvement.