Lunenburg Marine Museum Society

The Lunenburg Marine Museum Society, through the Board of Directors, is a volunteer group that operates the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and the schooner Bluenose II for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Established in 1972, members of this locally-based, non-profit society represent a wide range of marine and business experience. Their dedicated service to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and Bluenose II is well matched with their knowledge of vessel maintenance, engineering, fabrication, retail and accounting. Many members have long-standing family roots in aspects of our maritime heritage.


Immediate Past President: John Meisner

President: Peter Mosher

Vice President: Andreas Josenhans

Treasurer: Andrew James

Secretary: Mary Meisner


David Corkum

Graham Gerhardt

Ray Aucoin

Kim Hanlon


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, enhance and celebrate the heritage of the Atlantic Canada fishery. We will strive to collect, interpret and share this valuable heritage with special emphasis on the traditional Nova Scotia fisheries for all Atlantic Canadians and our visitors.


Our vision is to preserve and share the heritage of the Atlantic Canada fisheries.

Core Values

  1. Friendly Interaction – a warm welcome and courteous sharing of information.
  2. Authenticity – professional and factual interpretation.
  3. Educational – increasing knowledge and understanding.

The above will be provided in an environment promoting safety, teamwork and self-improvement.