Daily Activities

Daily Activities at the FMA

Family Friendly  J

10:00                      Lobster Lore   J

10:30                      Model Schooner Launch   J

11:00                      Bluenose Spectacular

11:30                      Highlight Tour

11:30                      Theresa E. Connor Tour

1:00                        Bluenose Spectacular

1 :00                       Theresa E. Connor Tour

1 :30                       Lobster Lore   J

3:30                        Model Schooner Launch   J

4:00                        Highlight Tour


When Bluenose II is out of port

July 9-July 30 / Aug. 7-Aug. 21 / Aug. 26-Sept. 10 / Sept. 15-Sept.22


2:00                        BLUENOSE II: Let’s talk about her while she’s gone….


These daily activities range from a brief 10-minute fun demonstration to a longer 30-minute presentation, all a value-added way to ensure an incredible museum experience!