Grade 4 - Marine Sounds

Program Highlights

Students will explore marine sounds. They will gather information through interactive activities and they are to provide feedback on their perceptions and observations. They will be asked to explore the uses of sound as a mariner. There are 4 different activities that reveal how sound is made, and how sounds are a vital communication tools when out to sea. Students are doing and discovering rather than watching and listening. Program concludes with a sharing of observations. 


Curriculum Outcomes

The students will conduct an activity that will clearly showcase how sound is created. Once this foundation has been established the activities move onto exercised that show the vital communication role that sounds plays to mariners’ safety. Sounds it navigates mariners away from shoals & collisions, it can bring needed aid to your location or it can tell time.


Program Length

90 minutes






$4 per student



5 minutes: Introduction

This program will start with the students gathering in the Stormy Seas on the second floor. The students will be divided into 4 groups and each group will be assigned a chaperone. There are 4 activities; the first activity the entire class stays together. Then the class will be split into groups to do two activities. The fourth activities will have four groups independently searching for answer. The program will wrap up with everyone meeting to share their experiences.


15 minutes: Vibration & Sound Travel

Discover how vibration is the maker of sound, how sound travels by sound waves and that sound travel is different depending upon the medium (solid, liquid, gas).


20 minutes: Marine Sound Signals

The purpose of this activity is for the students to learn how some sounds are used to communicate by boaters. The students will learn about whistles, horns, and bells and how they are used communicate when out to sea.


20 minutes: Foulis & Bells

To recognize the Canadian hero Robert Foulis (inventor of the fog horn) and the time keeping role of ships bells.


20 minutes: Marine Sound Picture Challenge

To explore the museum looking designated marine sound instruments.


15 minutes: Wrap Up Activity

The purpose of this activity is for the student to share their discoveries and to ignite conversation about how things have changed today.



May 20 , 2023 to Oct. 14, 2023


Information and Reservations

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