Grade Two - Mi’kmaq: Seasons of Life

Program Highlights

This is a 90-minute student-centered learning program specifically developed for grade 2 students. They will use objects and self-directed activities to discover the traditional Mi’kmaq way of life. The program launches with exploring what the students already know, then jumps into a roleplay Weir Fishing Activity, to a Moose Hunting Activity, and to a Circle & Cycle Activity. The program closes with a Circle Share Time as done in the Mi’kmaq tradition.


Curriculum Outcomes

Students will be challenged to think about how their own lives, activities, clothing and food are impacted by seasonal changes.

Through roleplay, they will explore some of the ways the Mi’kmaq understood the seasonal changes of living things. Using objects & images to collect data and make determinations, students will learn how the Mi’kmaq used their knowledge of the cycles of life in their hunting and fishing methods. The program closes with the Mi’kmaq custom of the Share Circle.


Program Length

90 minutes






$3.50 per student



15 minutes: Introduction

The program begins in the First Fishers Exhibit with the entire group learning the layout of the program and the expectations of fair play and teamwork. The program starts with two activities that the entire class do together. Then the class will split into three groups and rotate to three different activity stations. Each group is assigned a group leader (teacher / chaperone) and they will receive a clipboard with all the necessary instructions of the three rotating activity stations. The programs wrap up with the Mi’kmaq custom of the Share Circle.


15 minutes: “Got it” & “Getting it” Activity

The purpose of this activity is to the students thinking about what they already know about seasons and how they impact their lives.


15 minutes: Weir Fishing Activity

The purpose of this activity is to have the students learn through role play how the Mi’kmaq knew about the seasonal movements of fish, and how they used that knowledge to fish with different weirs.


15 minutes: Moose Hunting Activity

The purpose of this activity is to have students learn from images the seasonality of Mi’kmaq’s moose hunting. The structure of this activity is to a match an image to the statement.


15 minutes: Circle & Cycle Activity

The purpose of this activity is to have students learn how all Mi’kmaq calendars are connected to the seasons of Mother Nature and to see the significance of the circle within their traditions. The activity is a match game format.


15 minutes: Seasonal Spin Board Activity

The purpose of this activity is to have students learn from objects the seasonality of the items in a fast-paced game structure. Spin the arrow on the seasonal spin board and whatever season the arrow lands upon the student is to select an object that connects to that season in the Mi’kmaq’s traditions.


15 minutes: Share Circle

The purpose of this activity is to share our personal experience of the program with one another & to learn about the Mi’kmaq tradition of a Share Circle.



May 19, 2018 to October 13, 2018


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