Primary: Water & Sand Inspectors

Program Highlights

This is a 90-minute student-centered learning program specifically developed for primary students. They will use equipment to investigate sand and water as museum Water & Sand Inspectors. They will examine items found on our beaches, explore what tools to use to pick up water and sand, experiment with what floats or sinks, and enjoy the Tidal Touch Tank. The entire program is linked to curriculum outcomes.


Curriculum Outcomes

Students will explore sand and water. They will gather information through all their senses to provide feedback on their perceptions and observations. They will be asked to explore simple questions about our Tidal Touch Tank creatures. They will be asked to describe the different physical features of both water and sand. Their explorations of sand and water will involve the use of simple tools: shovels, sieves, magnifying glasses, basters, eye droppers, etc. In addition, students will be asked to predict what will, or will not float, from a selection of objects made up of different materials and shapes. Students are doing and discovering rather than watching and listening. Program concludes with a sharing of observations.


Program Length

90 minutes






$4 per student



15 minutes: Introduction

The program begins in the Marine Life Gallery with the whole group learning the layout of the program that has them becoming Sand & Water Inspectors. After the introduction, the students will be divided into four groups and each group will be assigned a teacher / chaperone leader. The four groups will rotate taking turns doing the four activities. For each activity, the group leader will be given question sheets per activity for their group to answer. The chaperone / teachers are to record the students answers and findings.

15 minutes: What Belongs?

The purpose of this activity is for students to think about how items end up on our beaches, and what they can do to make sure we keep our beaches clean. Using shovels, sieves, and rakes they will comb through our beachcombing table looking for “What Belongs” and what doesn’t?

15 minutes: What Floats?

The purpose of this activity is for students to think about why some objects float and others do not. Students will experiment with various objects made up of different materials, shapes, sizes and weights, and will draw conclusions from their experimentation.

15 minutes: Weigh & Pick-up Post

The purpose of this activity is for students to think about how different materials (water & sand) of the same amount can have different weights. The students will experiment with different weighs and different measurements of water and sand.

15 minutes: Tidal Touch Tank

The purpose of this activity is for students to adopt a curiosity with respect and well-being for the species taken into consideration. To use their senses to observe the similarities and differences of the tidal specimens.

15 minutes: Wrap- Up

The purpose of this activity is to have the students share their findings and discoveries as Water & Sand Inspectors.



May 20 , 2023 to Oct. 14, 2023


Information and Reservations

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