Second Floor

The Bank Fishery/Age of Sail (bilingual)

This exhibit is a Parks Canada feature at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. It covers a 400-year period and traces the development of the Banks Fishery on Canada’s East Coast. The models and displays offer extraordinary detail and are a delight to behold.

Banks Fishery Exhibit

Ship Model Shop

The South Shore Ship Modellers Guild began in 1997. Museum visitors regularly are given the opportunity to observe the skilled hands of the Modellers who volunteer their time at the Ship Model Shop building a variety of vessel styles. 


Stormy Seas Gallery

This gallery reflects on more challenging aspects of life and work at sea. It discusses marine disasters and loss of life, the evolution of life-saving equipment, and wartime experiences. It also showcases navigational and weather forecasting techniques used in the tumultuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Fishermen's Memorial Room

Once located within the Lunenburg Community Centre, this space is dedicated to the memory of fishers lost from Lunenburg County vessels. Included are large paintings by noted marine artist Joseph Purcell, and a list of the known individuals and vessels who perished while working at sea.

Fishermen Memorial Room Mural